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When you unlock and activate your genius, you’re opening your heart to live with more love, joy, and freedom in their life by being you.

Through this process that we’re sharing in this article, we went from having $70,000 in debt, feeling lack and isolation to attracting our ideal clients, friends, and the life that we dreamed of having.

This is exactly what we want for you!

1. Ground and Connect

What we’ve realized is that many people meditate to clear their minds, but they don’t understand the power of integrating the physical body with the emotional body, with the mental body, with the spiritual body.

Grounding and connecting can transform everything for you.

When you’re grounding, you’re grounding the bottom three chakras. You’re building a foundation of trust in your root chakra. You’re also building a foundation of creativity, and your sexuality is giving and receiving in your sacral chakra. And you’re building that power, that wisdom, that power center within you, within your solar plexus chakra.

When you’re grounded, it allows you to pull energy up toward your heart center. Through meditation, you’re able to pull energy down from your connection to source in the crown chakra, increase your wisdom and intuition through your third eye chakra, and communicate from that power.

But you can have an overactive or underactive chakra or chakras that make this more challenging.

If you have an overactive chakra, which means it’s got too much energy. A couple of examples of how this shows up can include being controlling, complaining, being quick to anger, lacking compassion or empathy, or overcompensating.

If you have an underactive chakra, which means there’s not enough energy in it. This shows up like feeling stuck, sluggish, depressed, self-doubt, and self-criticism, and you don’t have access to that elixir of energy that is there when it’s balanced.

How Grounding Can Shift Your Experience
We worked with a client that was always getting burnt out. He would go and he’d make $30,000 a month, and then zero, and then zero, and then $50,000 a month. Then back to zero and zero again. He was burned out because his root chakra was underactive. He didn’t feel safe.

Through our work together, we uncovered that when he was younger, he would try to prove something to his dad something. He would go work hard to the point of exhaustion with his dad, and then burn out.

He started doing that when he became a lawyer as well.

Grounding and connecting make it possible for you to release that anxiety and heal that underactive chakra to increase your energy.

2. Exploration

The second step to activating your intuition is to explore what is the true genius that is inside of you that has been suppressed, misunderstood, or simply completely unconscious and not activated at all.

When we have any type of goal, our conscious mind is the goal-setter. We say, “I want to make $10,000 a month” or whatever it may be for you.

The unconscious mind is the goal-getter.

When you hit goals in your life, it’s because your unconscious mind was in alignment with what your conscious mind said.

When you’ve set the same goal over and over again and not hit it no matter how much work you do, no matter how much action you take, no matter how many gurus you listen to, no matter how many templates you get, etc. — it’s because your unconscious values do not support what your conscious mind wants.

Unconsciously, you have limiting beliefs and negative emotions that prevent you from reaching your goal.

So this second step is about bringing the unconscious into the conscious so that you are able to heal it.

As you’re exploring this, you have to consider all 9 areas of your life: 

  1. Monday
  2. Business
  3. Family
  4. Intimate relationships
  5. Sex
  6. Self-love
  7. Health
  8. Spirituality
  9. Self-expression 

Other coaches niche down and focus on one area of life, like money or love, yet if the root cause of what’s blocking your intuition and authentic self is in the family aspect, you’re not going to get the support you need. That’s why it’s important to have a holistic approach. 

The most important thing to understand here is that patterns are power. 

What are the unconscious patterns that you are missing in your life?

A few common examples that we see are

  • The conscious mind says, “I want to be successful” and the unconscious mind is saying, “I don’t want to change who I am and be someone I am not.”
  • The conscious mind says, “I have a big dream and vision I want to make happen,” and the unconscious mind says, “I don’t want to disappoint my family, friends, or spouse, etc.” 
  • The conscious mind says, “I would love to be an influencer and leave a legacy,” and the unconscious mind is saying, “the thought of sharing my whole self is not safe.” 

Through our exercises, you can uncover your patterns and bring them from your subconscious to your conscious which gives you the power to heal and create break throughs in your life. 

3. Natural Gifts 

Our natural gifts are how source sees us. 

They can get diminished or amplified based on our vibration. 

When you’re in a low vibration, you’re a victim of circumstance. You’re disconnected from your intuition and experience resistance, shame, guilt, confusion, stress, overwhelm, apathy, and suffering, and often can only see the negative in your experiences. 

These are the warning signs.

When you’re in a high vibration, you experience pleasure, love, joy. 

When you’re in this state, your energy flow increases and your resistance decreases. You’re connected to your intuition, you’re receiving your learnings, you’re being at cause, and you’re creating clear inspired actions, and it’s effortless.

When you’re in a low vibration, have an awareness of it and ask, “Does what I want vibrate there?” 

This is a pattern interrupt that shifts us from our unconscious mind to our conscious, and then we have a choice. You can choose to stay there, or you can choose to say, “What does this represent?” And then your intuition can give you the learnings.

When you are in a high vibration, you are more easily able to connect with your natural gifts. 

4. Intuition 

Your intuition is the translator between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

You have four inner voices — intuition, inner critic, inner child, and inner ego — all of which you should listen to, but your intuition is the one that has the answers for you. 

You want to shift your 4 voices so you can turn down the volume of the inner critic, inner child, and inner ego and turn up the volume of your intuition.

To do that, you need to give your inner critic, inner child, and inner ego new jobs. 

  1. What is it? What are the learnings that I’m learning from what’s going on with my three other voices? 
  2. Get the learnings from your inner critic, inner ego, and inner child, using your intuition.
  3. Give your inner ego, inner critic, and inner child new jobs.
  4. Integrate your inner critic, inner ego, and inner child with your intuition so that you are in constant flow.

5. Understanding

With the work you’ve done so far in steps 1 through 4, you now need to understand your new identity. 

Instead of going and doing things so then you can have what you want and so you can be who you want to be, we want you to be the qualities and characteristics of yourself from your intuition, higher self, and how source sees you. 

When you’re that, then you will have it. You will have positive thoughts, emotions, attitudes, mindsets, and physical things.

The doing is the last step, but so many people start by doing first. 

6. Share

The final step is to share your message. 

Your message is your movement and it is you. 

What are the qualities and characteristics of you that ignite other people? What are qualities and characteristics of you that allow you to live in that legacy, that mission, that passion, that vision?

What if you shared with your kids, family, and community, your pain and your paradise, and what you did to heal in a way that inspires and invokes people to want to be in your energy and heal themselves. 

We want you to increase the quality of the work that you’re doing for yourself and others, decrease the cost of doing that work — meaning the emotional and energetic cost — and quicken the process. 

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