Why You Are Feeling Stuck and Like Nothing Is Working For You

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We all run into various problems and challenges on a regular basis. 

Many times, our first instinct is to try to fix that problem — the problem that’s presenting itself. 

We think, “I don’t have enough time, let me get time management coaching,” or, “I don’t have motivation, let me hire an accountability coach.” 

Sometimes that works, but sometimes we can find ourselves feeling stuck in a pattern again and again that we continuously run into.

It feels like we can’t do anything “right,” and that it’s working for everyone else but us. 

But it’s often because we’re not actually getting to the real problem. 

The presenting problem is simply what we’re facing at that moment, but that doesn’t mean that addressing that problem is going to solve what’s causing that problem. 

How to Uncover the Root Cause of Your Problems and Challenges

Rather than just addressing the problem that’s presenting itself, many times it’s helpful to explore what’s actually causing the problem to present itself.

That’s what the Root Cause Coaching tool we use inside of our programs supports you with. 

Root Cause Coaching drills down from the presenting problem, which is your most conscious problem, to your most unconscious problem, which is the root cause. 

The root cause is unconscious to you, which means you’re not aware of it. 

There are two reasons why Root Cause Coaching works.

First, it allows you to uncover unconscious needs — needs that you’re not aware of. When you didn’t get that need met in your life, you suppressed an aspect of your authentic identity.

After you uncover the most unconscious need that hasn’t been met in your life through Root Cause Coaching, then you recover your authentic identity or part of it. 

That’s when you’re able to create massive, exponential, long-lasting change in your life.

1. Identify the Presenting Problem 

The presenting problem is a problem that’s only affecting about one area of life. 

It’s usually what you think you need coaching on. 

It’s “My boss is a jerk,” ” My kids aren’t listening to me,”  “My husband doesn’t wanna do the dishes,” ” I don’t have enough time,’ “I don’t have enough money,” “I’ve been an entrepreneur for two years and I don’t have enough time or money or energy to keep going.”

Those are all examples of presenting problems. 

2. Notice the Greater Problem 

The greater problem is negative thoughts and emotions that are actually cross-contextualized. 

Meaning — it’s the negative thoughts and emotions that are showing up in multiple areas of life that are actually keeping you stuck in multiple areas of life.

3. Explore the Root Cause

The root cause is the root of when did you make a decision that life had to be this way? When did you make a decision that you were this way? 

The root cause is where you didn’t get that need met and you made a decision that you’re never gonna get that need met, so then that actually shifted your worldview.

It shifted how you see the world, which is where the negative projections come from. 

They’re coming from this root cause and your unconscious mind, and your intuition are trying to tell you, “Hello, this is not a true thing.”

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