How Understanding Your Unconscious and Conscious Mind Can Create the Life You Want

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Do you ever feel as if you’re in a pattern that is constantly repeating itself, no matter what you do? 

  • Why am I dating the same person? 
  • Why am I working for the same type of boss at new jobs? 
  • Why am I creating the same problems with my significant other, children, or parents? 

That is what you’re unconscious is projecting.

The work we do is rooted in supporting you by bringing up the unconscious to the conscious so you can learn from it, heal it, and change the unconscious so your automatics are now moving you toward what you want. 

To make that happen, you have to understand the difference between conscious and unconscious and the roles they play in our lives. 

What is Conscious and Unconscious?

If you’re unconscious of something, you’re unaware. 

You could be hiding and avoiding or repressing emotions or thoughts.

It’s either unconscious or you could be doing it on purpose, but you don’t know why you’d be doing it.

Here are a couple of examples of what that may look like:

  • You likely have experienced hurt from others in the past, such as a past divorce or some resentment towards your parents for one reason or another, and you say you’re over it but really you’re not. 
  • You feel trapped or stuck in a certain area of life or with a certain situation or person and you feel disempowered.  
  • You don’t feel in control or you’re trying to control everything.
  • You could be halfway to your goal and then self-sabotage, or you just self-sabotage yourself from the very beginning, or you get your goal and you think you don’t deserve it.

Why do those things happen? It’s because you’re unconscious of it. You’re emotionally disconnected.

 It may not be in all areas of your life — it may just appear in specific situations, so ask yourself, what are certain situations where I disconnect emotionally, self-sabotage, or feel stuck?

That’s not where we want you to be. We want you to be aware of that, and also be aware that you’re unaware and then be willing to go look at it.

When you’re conscious of something, you are aware, and when you’re aware, you are now empowered.

If you truly want that freedom, you have to be willing to go look at what’s unconscious to bring it to the conscious.

It can be painful to move things to the conscious, but you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to stay disempowered and disrespected, or do I wanna find that empowerment and respect inside of me?”

Stages of Unconsciousness and Consciousness  

These are the 4 stages that move from unconsciousness to consciousness. Understanding this concept will help you identify where you may need to explore to work through a particular situation or pattern.

Unconscious Incompetence

The first level is unconscious incompetence.

This is the “I don’t know what I don’t know” level. 

At this stage, you don’t know what you don’t know I’m unaware of. 

Conscious Incompetence

Then we have conscious incompetence, which means you know what you don’t know.  

This is where you know things are trapped in your unconscious mind, and you understand your automatics are from what’s unconscious.

But you don’t know how to fix it, how to access it or understand how it’s affecting your life.

Conscious Competence

The next level is having conscious competence, meaning you know what you know, and you’re able to implement it.

This means you’d know how to access your intuition even in challenging situations and you can use it to change that situation.  

But you have to consciously choose that at the moment. 

Unconscious Competence

Unconscious competence is your new automatics. 

When we’re able to bring awareness to all the automatics that aren’t serving you, clear up the things that aren’t working, create new habits, and put them back in your unconscious mind, that’s when you have new automatics. 

Think of it like this —

When you were learning to drive for the first time, you needed a lot of focus to pay attention to the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes, and all the cars, signs, and stop lights around you. 

Now, driving is so automatic that you can eat or talk on the phone while you’re driving. That’s unconscious conscious.

3 Pillars to Use the Unconscious and Conscious to Transform and Create the Life You Want 

Most coaches and programs only work on the conscious mind while completely ignoring the unconscious mind. 

Why is that a problem?

Well, your unconscious mind controls 90% of your life, so if you ONLY focus on your conscious mind, you’re missing out on where the real healing begins.


On the flip side — if you only heal and reprogram your unconscious mind, that remaining 10% of your life (your conscious mind) will continue as if you haven’t healed.

We give you tools to heal and reprogram your conscious and unconscious mind, AND we help you integrate the two.

We have our own process for how we approach this in our work, which includes 3 pillars.

1. Cultivate Awareness in the Conscious Mind

We want you to have an awareness of what’s going on in your conscious mind.

What specifically are the thoughts that are leading to your emotions that are leading to your behaviors on the conscious level? 

So we want you to have more awareness than you’ve ever had before. In our approach, we support you with cultivating profound self-awareness with the conscious mind through specific coaching techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching and International Coaching Federation (ICF) skills.

2. Healing in the Unconscious Mind 

The second pillar is healing the unconscious mind. 

This is where you repress your negative thoughts and emotions, and you’re not aware that you’ve done so. Right. 

Heal the unconscious mind as well as physically, emotionally, and energetically through energy work with Advanced Intuitive Insight™ incorporating Reiki Levels I & II, and Hypnotherapy.

3. Integrate the Conscious and Unconscious 

Build trust between the conscious and unconscious minds to help release the root cause through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Somatic Coaching, and Time Line Therapy®.

Throughout this process, you’ll learn to connect to your INTUITION — the translator between your conscious and unconscious minds. 

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