How to Identify Your Unconscious Judgements to Create Breakthroughs 

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Identifying your unconscious judgments is a powerful tool you can tap into to support you to become conscious of the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you have. 

When we’re able to move more and more of ourselves from the unconscious to the conscious, it allows us to ask ourselves, “how can I make different decisions in my life?” 

That’s how healing and transformation begin. 

In this article, we’re going to share why these judgments are important to understand and how you can use a judgment journal to create major breakthroughs in your life. 

What Are Unconscious Judgements? 

So what is a judgment? 

An unconscious judgment is any negative or positive thought, emotion, or behavior that you’re experiencing. 

It can sound like, “I don’t like this about myself,” or “I don’t like this about somebody else.” You may feel anger, sadness, fear, hurt, dout, guilt or shame. 

It can also sound like, “I’m really great at this,” or “Wow, look at how incredible that person or experience is.” You may also feel loved, free, expansive, or hopeful. 

The positive judgments are the seed of your genius. When you can see positive aspects in others, it’s also inside of you, and you create more of that. Everything that you see in someone else is also a positive inside of you.

How to Use a Judgement Journal to Create Breakthroughs 

The judgment journal is your path to breaking through one of your biggest blocks in life in order to create what you want. 

It allows you to recognize your judgments, get curious about them, and understand how they influence your automatic patterns and behaviors. 

It’s normal for a lot of judgments to come up because we have our four inner voices — our inner critic, our inner ego, our inner child, and our intuition. 

Throughout this process, you may stumble upon something that you don’t want to, but allow yourself to experience judgment without judging yourself for it. It’s through this awareness that we can heal. 

1. Write Down Any Judgments You Experience 

Throughout the next five days, as you notice judgments that arise for you, write them down. Include both the positive and negative judgments you have about yourself, others, and the experiences around you. 

2. Get Curious About The Judgment 

In your journal, give yourself the time and space to get curious. Say, “huh, this is interesting, I’m wondering why this is coming up for me.” 

3. Notice Your Automatics 

By taking the time to write down your judgments and also get curious about them, you’re going to connect and notice your automatics — what you’re doing unconsciously. 

Here’s an example of what we mean:

Have had a conversation and you started saying something and halfway through what’s coming out of your mouth, you’re like, “oh, I can’t believe I said that. I said, I was never gonna do that, or never gonna say that or never gonna think that again.”

That’s your automatic.

We want that to come up during this exercise so that we can shift it by using your intuition, to give you a different response. 

4. Release and Recognize 

Lastly, practice releasing any negative and unconscious judgments you have about yourself, others, or experiences. 

When you have positive judgments about others, recognize those qualities exist within you as well. 

The Power of Identifying Your Unconscious Judgments

Can you see how powerful it will be for you to start bringing these unconscious judgments to the surface and making them conscious? 

What judgment do you hold that’s holding you back the most? Which is empowering you the most? 

Continuously practicing this exercise will support you in uncovering ways for you to break through the patterns and behaviors that have kept you from the life you want. 

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