NLP is manipulative, coercive, evil, and pseudoscience, right?

What is NLP exactly? NLP is a compilation of techniques from different types of therapy, psychology, sociology, and so much more. Yet NLP by itself is not a technique. Instead, NLP is the study of what works. NLP aims to denominalize (breakdown) what was working in existing therapy and psychology to discover why specific processes get results.

For example, Hitler influenced an entire country to vote for him. He manipulated, coerced, and brainwashed people into believing his methodology was correct. He didn’t know NLP, and yet he was able to create a world war based on selling people his methods. NLP didn’t develop tools to manipulate and coerce. Instead, NLP denominalized broke down, dissecting how language’s power influences people’s brains. NLP is the breakdown of what people were doing and what was already working in therapy and influencing people.

NLP studies what is occurring in our brains and how language engages the mind, and NLP then uses that information to heal at the neurological level in the brain. Can people then take the study of how to influence our brain through language and use that learning for manipulation, coercion, and evil? Yes, people were manipulative long before NLP existed.

Our parents, school, and environment programmed our brains growing up. Our memories, life experiences, and “what we were told” influenced our values and perception of the world. News, ads, social media, and so much more are programming our thoughts and behaviors daily. Our parents and school teachers didn’t know NLP, yet they still influenced us. The news, social media, and ads don’t know NLP and influence us. Yet, all of them influence and program us.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand the language and how the brain is influenced so that outside influences can not program you, and you can have a choice about how you program your brain?

Yes, people can lie, manipulate, deceive, coerce, and harm people. People are doing that very effectively without NLP. If it is true that NLP is being used in a bad way, yet some people without NLP are doing bad things and getting the same results, wouldn’t it make sense that we can learn NLP and use it for good? We have all been Inspired, motivated, or moved by someone such as a motivational speaker, a pastor, or a mentor. Those people healed something inside of us through their love, support, and yes, through their words. We can heal the world positively through understanding the brain just as much as some people are using it negatively. Don’t we want to know what works? If the power can be used for negative it can also be used for positive! Shouldn’t positive messages get out to the world using NLP?

Kids play in pools. They can be used for fun. People every year drown in pools by accident. And unfortunately, pools can also be used to purposely drown someone. Does that make the pool manipulative? Is the pool evil?

A magnifying glass can be used to see something really small or to start fires and burn ants. So should we not use the tool since some people use it for evil? No, we will take some precautions and still use the tool. We make a personal choice to be in integrity with the tool and use it for good. We understand the tool and use it for our benefit.

Again, NLP is about understanding the brain and how it already functions. It’s a breakdown of how language and information is programming our behavior and results.

Consider this, people that use NLP for manipulation and evil don’t teach NLP. They use the influence they have learned from NLP to manipulate and coerce. Here at Genius Unlocked we actually teach NLP so people can think critically, understand how they are being influenced, and make empowered decisions about the information they take in. We teach NLP so that people can learn to program and influence themselves and to not let others do it.

Don’t you want to make decisions for yourself? When you understand your brain by learning NLP you can!

What actually does NLP mean? NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro is how our brain is taking in all the information from our environment using our five senses. Linguistics is how we label all the information our brain is taking in. We label our experiences through language in our mind. Those labels create our perception of the world. Programming is how our brain creates results because of our perceptions. What is your perception of the world? Do you perceive things from a positive perspective or a negative view? Is how you perceive the world creating the results you want in your life? NLP is the study of excellence. It’s the ability to understand how and why you get the results you have. If you don’t like your results, NLP can teach you how to get different results. Using NLP, you can consistently get your desired outcome and create the life you want.

Then there is the concern that NLP is a pseudoscience. First off, let’s say that it is; it’s fake and it’s not backed by science. Even if that were true, the placebo effect is real and has been studied by science. The placebo effect happens when you expect “it” to heal you, and so consequently “it” does heal you. For example, If you associate the doctor or medicine with healing, just by going to the doctor or taking the pill you feel better. Even if the doctor may not have done anything for you, or the pill that you took was not medicine, you would still get better because you believe you would. Studies show that oftentimes the placebo is just as effective as the actual medicine. The placebo effect proves the mind-body connection; it proves how powerful our minds are. Whether NLP is fake, the placebo effect is real, and if someone believes NLP can heal them, it will heal them.

Yet, we believe that NLP helps people to understand the mind body connection so they can heal their mind and, therefore, heal their body. As said above, it’s a compilation of many different tools and a breakdown of how those tools work with the brain so people can get the results they want. Therefore, NLP is not a pseudoscience, because it is a study of therapy and psychology tools that were already working and studied. NLP is a breakdown of why those tools work and then using them for personal healing.

Big Pharma makes a lot of money from medications and “modern” medical treatment. A lot of people are very wealthy because of the business of pharmaceuticals. Of course, they don’t want people to be able to know there is a mind-body connection and that through healing your mind, you can heal your body. So it would make sense that those people would call NLP a pseudoscience. If it were a widely known belief in society that we could heal our mind and heal our body, then Big Pharma wouldn’t be making the money that it is. Isn’t it interesting that doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the government focus way more on treatment than prevention? They make more money on selling us treatment then educating us on a healthy mind and body.

We believe that through learning NLP, we can heal our own mind and body; we can educate ourselves on how our brain works; we can understand how our mind-body connection works and make informed decisions for ourselves.

In summary, NLP is not what is doing the manipulations and coercion. NLP is merely a tool. NLP is the study of what is already being done to get results in the mind and body. NLP is the study of the mind and how when we reprogram the mind we can get different, desired outcomes.

Do people want to understand why language is so powerful and how their brains are influenced? Do people want to understand how they can have more choice and empowerment of who and what is programming the brain? Better yet, do people want to be the ones programming their own brain?

We believe in using the power of our brains for good! We believe in learning everything we can so that we can heal ourselves. Healing starts with the individual and we believe NLP is a great way to begin to understand how we can heal our mind and therefore heal our body. Once we do that, we can heal the world!


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