Discover the Subtle (But Serious) Coaching Misconception That Leads to Shallow and Short-Lived Results—and the Surprisingly Simple Way to Start Creating Lasting Transformation for Yourself and Your Clients!

Find out how our “accidental discovery” can help you:

  • Spark lasting transformation for yourself and your clients—easily and effortlessly
  • Replace nagging self-doubt with rock-solid confidence in your coaching abilities
  • Finally feel ready to launch your practice (or take your existing practice to the next level)

What we’re about to reveal to you could change everything.

And we really do mean everything—throughout your business and life.

We know this sounds like an exaggeration now…

But by the time you finish reading this page, you’ll see what we mean.

Let’s start by meeting some people you may recognize:

Which one sounds like you?

Celeste is noticing that many of her clients’ breakthroughs aren’t sticking. She used to blame their lack of follow-through, but after hearing success stories from other coaches, she’s not so sure. Celeste is secretly worrying that her coaching just isn’t working.

Kelly is killing it. Their clients are breaking through left and right, and the results seem to stick—but the work feels mysteriously incongruent and forced. Kelly is slowly burning out, and their coaching business is feeling too much like the exhausting corporate career they left behind.

Andy feels like his own life is a mess, which undermines his confidence in his capacity to help his clients. He tends to neglect his own inner work—and when he does the work, the results are disappointing.

Melinda is desperate to quit her job and launch a lucrative and rewarding coaching practice! But no matter how much training she devours, she still feels unprepared. Deep down, she feels like she needs to be perfect before she should try helping others, which leaves her feeling stuck and unsure where to turn.

Why are these coaches struggling?

Answer: due to a simple (and VERY common) misconception, their coaching has about 10% of the impact it could have.

And on this page, we’re going to show you one single shift that can 10x the effectiveness, magnetism, and credibility of your coaching.

Keep reading!

Fact: Your Unconscious Mind runs the show

Neuroscientists say the Unconscious Mind controls 90% of our behaviors. That means 90%+ of your RESULTS in life are dictated by your Unconscious Mind!

That’s where Celeste, Andy, Kelly, and Melinda are running into problems.

Like most coaches, they focus on their clients’ Conscious Minds—the 10% (or less).

As a result, their clients’ “mindset shifts” are fragile and tragically short-lived. Their clients are simply reverting back to their unconscious patterns, like we all do.

In other words, their clients’ progress is being overridden…again and again.

One step forward, one step back.

Imagine going into a coaching session knowing your best efforts are likely to be erased by your client’s Unconscious Mind in a matter of days!

Our unexpected discovery

Full disclosure: we’ve always been a little obsessed with coaching modalities.

(We each have 16 coaching certifications, which should tell you something!)

Early on in our coaching careers, we found ourselves combining multiple modalities…

And when we did, something extraordinary happened:

  • Strengths of the various modalities started compounding, and we started seeing results like we had never seen before.
  • We were able to heal deep traumas, create next-level emotional breakthroughs, and remove unconscious blocks that were keeping us (and our clients) from success.
  • And it was happening easily and effortlessly…and in a fraction of the time!

We had stumbled upon the power of coaching the Unconscious and Conscious Minds simultaneously.

And tens of thousands of coaching sessions later, we’ve perfected our Total Integration Framework.

In a moment, you’ll see why it works so well—and how lasting transformation is just one of its countless benefits.

Meet our Total Integration Framework

This one-of-a-kind framework will empower you to:
  1. Work directly with the Unconscious Mind
  2. Create more meaningful shifts in the Conscious Mind
  3. Cultivate connection and trust between the two

(By the way, #3 is where the magic happens, and you likely won’t hear about it anywhere else.)

If you’ve focused on Conscious coaching up until now, this is your chance to multiply your competence, confidence, and congruence by 10 or more.

If you’ve already mastered Unconscious Mind modalities, you’re in a strong position to learn how to integrate the two much more powerfully.

If you’re already working on both levels, keep reading! Our Total Integration Framework will fill in the blanks and catapult your coaching to a new level!

There’s just one problem…

Our Total Integration Framework is the result of our 30+ years of combined coaching experience, 16 certifications each, and 7,000+ past coaching clients.

So how can we help you harness the power of this framework without having to devote decades of your life to get there?

Create a whirlwind 5-day LIVE event, of course!


LIVE virtual 5-day event,  Monday, January 22
to Friday, January 26, 2024 — at 9 AM to 10:30 AM (Pacific Time)

(VIP option 10:30-until we are done!)

Only $37 today!

Who are we?

Thanks for asking!

We’re Jenn Beninger and Carson Cooper,
cofounders of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute.

Jenn has been a coach and entrepreneur for over 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She’s held executive positions in the coaching industry, managed teams of coaches, developed advanced coaching curricula, taught business development skills, run transformational leadership events, and much more.

Carson has over 13 years of coaching experience and holds a Master of Arts in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding. He is a credentialed mediator through the National Conflict Resolution Center, served as a conflict resolution trainer, and even wrote a curriculum for the Pentagon.

We each hold 16 coaching certifications, and we’ve coached at least 7,000 people combined. We joined forces to found Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, which surpassed 7 figures in revenues in just 2 years from referrals alone!

Today, Genius Unlocked is board certified and offers 8 internationally-recognized coaching certifications.

Our work has been featured on:

Here’s what you’ll get when you reserve your seat today:

  • Full access to the LIVE virtual 5-day event (90-minute sessions each day at 9 AM Pacific)
  • Welcome Call to connect with us, know what to expect, and get the most out of the masterclass
  • Daily activities to help you implement what you’re learning and start seeing results
  • Daily guided meditations so you can absorb new learnings at a much deeper level
  • Unlimited replay access for 7 days

Plus, you’ll get 2 one-on-one coaching calls with a certified coach!

Your coach will answer your questions and help you take action in your life and business. You can even work with your coach to create a customized action plan!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Day One: 3 Key Ingredients

On day one, you’ll become aware of the unconscious patterns that are running the show in your life. You’ll discover a proven process to move from reasons and excuses to results and solutions. And, you’ll see how connecting the Unconscious and Conscious Minds unlocks your inner coaching genius—and your clients’ long-term transformation!

Day Two: Unconscious Values and Voices

Then, we’ll start learning how to bypass the Conscious Mind to tap into the vast knowledge and intelligence of the Unconscious Mind. We’ll introduce you to your Four Inner Voices and learn how the fourth voice is the secret to effortless transformation in all areas of life. And finally, you’ll see how resolving conflicting unconscious values is the key to getting unstuck, hitting goals, and enjoying lasting outcomes.

Day Three: Unconscious and Conscious Integration

You’ll learn our 3-step process for integrating the Unconscious and Conscious Minds to access extraordinary results for yourself and your clients. You’ll see how our minds filter out most of the sensory data we receive and how we can change our filtering to dramatically shift behaviors and results. You’ll also discover how coaching at four levels—spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical—can create life-changing “identity shifts” that far surpass the usual “mindset shift.”

Day Four: Immense Power of the Unconscious Mind

On day four, you’ll start to experience the power of the Unconscious Mind for yourself. You’ll learn how breathwork is one of the fastest ways to suddenly (and safely) bring profound learnings to the surface and release an intense burst of energy. Then, you’ll participate in an extended exercise to experience breathwork first-hand.

Day Five: Putting it All Together to Get Extraordinary Results

On our final day together, you’ll learn our 7-part process to fully integrate the Unconscious and Conscious Minds and unleash lasting results for yourself and your clients! You’ll see how unconscious value conflicts sabotage our best intentions—and how to align them to finally start hitting goals. And you’ll see how the Total Integration Framework will help you dramatically increase both the quality and speed of the results you’re achieving for yourself and your clients!

Unlock Your Coaching Genius will help you:

  • Create real, tangible transformation that sticks—for yourself and your clients
  • Do amazing work that automatically differentiates you and attracts perfect-fit clients
  • Relax into confident and congruent work that is perfectly aligned with your purpose
  • Finally feel ready to launch a lucrative coaching business (or take it to the next level)
  • Replace nagging self-doubt with rock-solid trust in your inherent genius as a coach
  • Discover the “missing link” that integrates and activates all your past training
  • Liberate your voice and start speaking from your integrated and empowered self

This is how it will work!

What our clients are saying

“genius unlocked is life changing and inspirational”

“I’m super excited about where I’m going next and what I’m doing, knowing that I’m in full alignment with my purpose and my intuition and being able to listen to my intuition and honor that this word “coach” just wasn’t matching with who I am and who I’m being called to be. I am a healer.”
Erin R.
“Working with Genius Unlocked has given me the desire to keep peeling back the layers, so I can increase my capacity to feel all of the amazing things I know that I am and I’ve always wanted to express.”
Lindsay H.
“Genius Unlock’s way of setting goals is very different than anything I’ve done before, and it works! It absolutely works!”
Holly L.
“If you’re considering working with Genius Unlocked, I’d highly recommend them. Jenn is so intuitive and wonderful, Carson’s a go-getter and so good at helping you with business goals and just really seeing the true picture.”
Michelle S.

Still reading?

If you’ve read this far, you probably related to the stories above.

Perhaps you’re…

  • Worried about your clients’ shallow and short-lived results
  • Frustrated by a lack of transformation in your own life
  • Seeing good results but feeling misaligned or conflicted
  • Struggling with nagging self-doubt
  • Slowly burning out and not sure how to stop it
  • Overwhelmed about launching or growing your business

If any of this resonates (even a little), you’re in the right place.

And right now, you have an important choice.

You can take an easy step towards resolving these problems…

…or you can hold on to your $37.

The choice is yours.

But remember, this is a 100% live event, and once it’s over, it’s over.

Sadly, there is no “later.”

Which means NOW is your chance to unlock your future as a confident, competent, and congruent coach!


We can hardly wait to hear how Unlock Your Coaching Genius makes a difference for you!

With love and high vibration,

Jenn and Carson
Cofounders, Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute

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