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Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute combines the structured process of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and professional coaching methodologies with energy work, hypnotherapy, and meditation in a transformational program to unlock yours and your clients true genius. We believe you deserve to achieve mastery in your craft. For this reason, we offer comprehensive transformational coaching programs to inspired influencers around the world.

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Why Genius Unlocked is different:

Genius Unlocked brings the structured process of NLP and professional certified coaching together with energy work, hypnotherapy, and meditation in this transformational certification program to unlock yours and your clients true genius. We are proud to be able to move you toward ICF certification through our in depth teaching of core coaching concepts and unique intuition driven approach getting sustainable results for you and your clients.

Our number one goal is to attract influencers that want to achieve mastery in their craft

What is achieving mastery?

Achieving mastering is not just putting in your 10,000 hours. When you achieve mastery, you are finding and living in your true genius. Once you find and tap into your true genius with us you will live, coach, and influence from your natural ability and communicate from your intuition. When you learn to achieve mastery you will learn to connect deeper with your intuition and have a greater influence when working with others. When you are practicing repetitions from your true genius, natural ability, and intuition, then you are truly putting in quality time to achieve mastery in your craft. Here at Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, we are looking for people that self-evaluate, explore creativity, are constantly curious, and are always learning and expanding. You will achieve mastery when you put this into inspired action and help others develop their true genius.

Why connecting with your intuition changes your coaching:

Genius Unlocked covers all the core coaching concepts imperative for you to be a successful coach. When you learn and develop skills around coaching you process and use this new information in the conscious mind. Our goal for you is to incorporate the conscious skills of coaching with your intuition in order to listen, understand, and know your clients. When you develop your intuition you make your clients feel like you are the first person that has truly ever seen, heard and understood them. In addition, deepening your connection to your intuition not only increase your confidence, courage, and joy in your life, it impacts your business in a variety of ways.

Exploring the use of your intuition in all aspects of your business gets your clients more results, guarantees you standing out in your niche, and allows you to build a tribe that will stay connected to you for life. When you can use intuition in your enrollment process you have the courage to go after bigger deals, confidence to charge what you are truly worth, and increase the number of clients you attract exponentially.

Unlocking you and your clients true genius means:

Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute High Vibration Values:

How to get started:

We want to hear from you. We know you have lots of different options and are honored you attracted us and are considering aligning yourself with our program.

You deserve to get clear on the right coaching company for you. We are committed to you and your growth.

Please know we want inspired influencers that have or want to discover their big life purpose AND who reflect our values.

With love and high vibration.
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